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Welcome to Mens Motorbike Leathers

A place for the best motorbike leathers reviews, guides and help

It's a great feeling buying a new set of mens motorbike leathers (not ladies, obviously). You feel almost proud hopping on your bike wearing them for the first time. There's no two ways about it, motorbike leathers are the best looking, fitting, lasting and safest gear to wear when riding your machine.

Mens Motorbike Leathers was created by bikers, for bikers, to share these feelings we all know and love. So take your time and have a look around, we're sure you'll find something that will make you say, "I look good".

Something missing? Tell us about it. This site was created for you lot so if there's something you don't like or certain information you were looking for, let us know and we'll do the best we can to put it right.


Latest Additions to


Best One Piece Leathers of 2011

RST Tractech

Here's our pick of the best one piece leathers on sale this biking season. We've got some new entries this year but we've also thrown in a couple of old favourites that are still going strong today, and because they've been out a while they are at a price point that is a lot more affordable for a lot of people.

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Held Phantom Gloves Review

Held Phantom Glove

The Held Phantom gloves come in right at the high end of the motorcycle gloves scale and as such come with a price tag to match, at a RRP of £179.99 they are definitely one of the most expensive gloves on the market. So are the Held Phantom gloves worth it? A lot of people say yes, let’s take a closer look why.

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Knox Handroid Review


When the Knox Handroid glove came to the market it was anticipated as being the greatest sports glove we've ever seen. Now that we have had a little over a year to see how it fairs it is clear to see that the Knox Handroid glove is indeed one of, if not the best sports motorcycle glove on sale today and at a price that is very competitive. Let's look then at what this snazzy glove is all about.

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RST Razor Jacket and Jeans Review

RST Razor Jacket

The RST Razor leathers are a very close cousin to the Tractech suit, the only real differences being in the design and the fact you cannot buy the RST Razor leathers as a one piece suit, only a jacket and jeans combination. As with all other RST leathers though the Razor range offers great value for money.

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Alpinestars Supertech R Boots Review

Alpinestars Supertech R

On the outside the Aplinestars Supertech R boots look quite simple and it's hard to see what you are getting that is worth the £299 RRP tag. It's only when you look deep inside the boot that is all starts to make sense and when all is said and done the Aplinestars Supertech R are some of the most advanced and protective boots on the market.

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Spada Predator Review - Suit, Jacket and Jeans

Spada Predator Jacket

Spada have always stood for great value for money and even when looking at the top of the range Spada Predator leather suit it's clear this ethos has been adhered to once again. It comes in both a one piece suit and a jacket and jeans two piece combo with little differences between the two, but we'll get to that, first lets look at what these leathers are all about.

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Alpinestars SMX Boots - Review and the Variations

Alpinestars SMX Plus

Alpinestars can boast the fact that they are one of, if not the leading manufacturer for motorbike leathers and as such bring to us simply gorgeous apparel that almost anyone would want to own. The Alpinestars SMX boots are no exception. They come in three main forms, the Plus, the R and the 5. Let’s take a closer look.

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Arlen Ness Leathers - The 2011 Range

Arlen Ness LS1-8304 MAG

We really have reached the top of the quality tree with Arlen Ness leathers, having all the styling flare of the Italian manufacturers, while at the same time offering some of the best protective technology on the market today. They’ll hit your wallet more than most, but with what Arlen Ness leathers offer, it’s hard to say no.

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Alpinestars GP Pro Gloves Review

Aplinestars GP Pro

I tend not to go near Alpinestars as a lot of their kit is well over most people's budget, but when I found out how much these Alpinestars GP Pro gloves are going for I just had to get a look in. They come in at a RRP of £150, which in the grand scheme of things is only £40 more than my basic Hein Gericke sports gloves. Definitely worth a look.

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TCX Competizione Review and Variations

TCX Competizione

When looking for a new boot I did a lot of searching around for the best mix of protection and price, and in the TCX Competizione S you are definitely somewhere close to the perfect mix. The boot comes in at a RRP of £149.99, but you should be able to find prices closer to £100 like we did. Read our review and see the different versions.

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RST Leathers - The Current Range

RST Pro Series Large

RST are among the best motorcycle leathers manufactures in the world, but the difference in the way they do things to other manufacturers like Dianese, Alpinestars and Arlen Ness, is that RST leathers offer superb value for money. You still get most of the fancy features seen from top level manufacturers, but you get them for a lot less money, not only that but they look damn good too.

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Classic Biker Jackets - Our Pick of the Best

HELD 5721 Rocco

One of the biggest aspects about getting the classic motorcycle rider look just right is not only the bike itself, but the clothing you wear that really set off the image and put you in the right place. We pick our top three classic jackets from the current crop

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Review - Knox Aegis: Tried and testing, quite literally!

Knox Aegis

I had always been told that after buying a good set of leathers and a helmet, a back protector was THE most important piece of protection you could buy. To my detriment I ignored this advice and after a fall on my first track day, let's just say I rather regretted that decision. So after a lot of shopping around and trying on various types I decided on the Knox Aegis back protector.

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RST Tractech Suit Review

RST Tractech Red

The RST Tractech suit is all new for 2011 and comes in as a middle of the road suit across the RST leathers range. It has been made to come in just under their top of the range Pro Series suit and has more comfort bias features for track days, or even fast road riding bikers

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Spyke Blaster Review

Spkye Blaster White

Spyke is a small Italian company the produces top notch, high end motorcycle leathers such as the Spyke Blaster suit. However small they may be, they can boast to the fact that top level motorcycle racers such as James Ellison, Josh Brookes and Steve Plater among others wear their suits, proving that what they manufacture is truly high quality. As with most things Italian however you will have to pay a premium for all this safety and styling excellence.

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